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Allied Arts Final Draft2


¬°feliz cinco de mayo!

I don’t actually know very much about Cinco de Mayo, other than that it is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, and that Americans will appropriate any other country’s holidays provided doing so is a good excuse for them to eat lots of food and get drunk. I am not really celebrating because I have too much homework and having a birthday on May 3 (or 3 de Mayo, as the case may be) means that I am sort of celebrated out anyways. I just happen to be writing, and it just happens to be May 5.

Today while I was at work, the most ridiculously attractive man ever started shamelessly flirting with me. He was tall and blonde and wearing expensive jeans, had a perfectly shaped jawline and a vaguely scandinavian accent. He ordered his drink with a stunning little grin, and he made sure his hand brushed mine (just a little) when he was handing me his money and when he was taking his change back… he kept looking at me and smiling while I was making his cappuccino, and when his boyfriend and he both had their drinks, they went back out to their car. Three or four minutes later, the hot one (they were both attractive, but the blonde one was definitely more so) came back in and said, “I need to get rid of all this American change before I go back across the border!” He chuckled a little, and looked around for something in the three dollar range. When he found it, he took his quarters, dimes, and nickels and dropped them onto the counter. He leaned in so that our faces were close to each other and started counting it out, one coin at a time, sliding them into my hands. I have never been a party to a more sensual cash transaction…

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